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Reasons to Hire Viva as your Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is no longer a luxury for the elite but a basic necessity for any elaborate wedding. Here is why you should choose Viva for your big day.

1.      Stress

Do you really want to enjoy your own wedding without any stress? Vivaeventz gives its clients the power to enjoy stress free weddings. No need to scamper around for a friend or relative to help you with multi-tasking. Viva should be your pick to enjoy every moment till the big day ends perfectly.

2.      Expensive

You are highly likely to exceed your budget if you attempt to experiment with your own wedding. You can end up spending more than you thought. With Viva comes super savings as we have negotiated the best prices with the best vendors for all our events. We can pass down huge discounts to all our clients. We will walk you ever step of the way on how to spend smartly.

3.      Time consuming

Do you have enough time to do it all by yourself? Adding the smallest of details could be a time consuming task. If you understand the learning curve you would know mastering a skill could take a long time. Viva has already mastered the art of putting together a dream wedding for you.

4.      Finding the right wedding vendors

What you see is not what you will always get with the vendors. Viva has tried, tested and tied up with the most professional and trustworthy vendors to help you design your own wedding menu, elegant wedding invitations, cinematic wedding films and much more. To avoid later disappointment and regrets, choose Viva.

5.      It is difficult to remember everything on your wedding

Its highly probable that you will not remember everything you had planned. However, you don’t need to worry about forgetting an important task anymore. Viva’s extensive wedding checklists makes sure that we execute all you had planned for.

6.      Client input

You might not even realize what their priorities are until you are asked specific questions. For example, if you hated the food at another wedding, that means you pay attention to food.If  you talk about flowers, it becomes apparent that you’re really interested in decoration.Viva utilizes your input to make sure that your wedding plan is in line with your personal preferences and taste.

7.      Professional expertise

It is not a wise idea to experiment with your own wedding plan. You cannot really trust friends and family with your expectations. Hire Viva to benefit from our highly professional and experienced wedding planners.

8.      Building pressure and stress

You are not yet familiar with the pressure of organizing a wedding. If you wish to do everything by yourself, you need to think rationally. By the time of your wedding, you would be too exhausted and not too happy with the result either. Viva will add the extra oomph to your wedding without causing you any stress.

9.      Venue Coordinators Vs. Wedding planners

Even if you have found a venue and a venue coordinator who has got everything under control, even if he/she provides you with a list of suppliers. You need to remember a wedding planner will do way more. They will monitor your budget, resolve disputes, advise you on the choice of flowers, the wedding date, as well as accompany you when you meet the vendors and negotiate the best prices for you.

10. Destination wedding

If you want to have a wedding in another part of the world. You must hire someone who already has the experience of organizing weddings in that area. You can hire Viva from anywhere in the world to plan your destination wedding with absolute perfection in India or UAE.
Save yourself plenty of time and have a ball. Meet all the benefits of hiring a professional wedding planner only with Viva.
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Reasons to Hire Viva as your Wedding Planner
Why hire a wedding planner?learn different reasons for hiring a wedding planner in Dubai.Hiring a wedding planner reduces your overall spend and guarantees a Wedding planned to perfection without stress on your wedding day.
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